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Qing128: China CNC Precision Machining Parts factory About us We were establishe d in 2012. We specialize in manufactur ing various metal parts according to customer requiremen ts. Over the years, we have grown into a manufactur er of spare parts and metal parts, which are used in automobile s, furniture, electrical equipment, medical treatment, sanitary ware and constructi on. industry. With our long-term experience , we are a well-known reliable manufactur er in the CNC machining industry. And trusted by domestic and foreign entreprene urs, we have a group of profession al technician s and advanced production equipment to produce high-quali ty products, such as steel, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, etc. The company is committed to developing the ability to continuous ly produce high-quali ty products. For example, we provide products or parts with high requiremen ts and precision to achieve higher standards of work and reduce production costs. We provide customers with competitiv e and high-quali ty products, and patient and serious service is the core of our work. In addition to consulting services in product developmen t, there are turning, stamping, folding, welding, rivets, lasers, mold manufactur ing and parts assembly manufactur ing. We also provide other additional services, such as metal plating, painting, and packaging. Both domestic and internatio nal customers can get a full range of services from our one-stop service system. Our Product We provide CNC machining service.Fo r example 8171;?/p> Aluminium CNC Milling Parts Metal Milling Service CNC Milling Acrylic Precision Prototypin g Machining CNC Lathe Turning Machining Stainless Steel Turned Parts Production Market USA, Canada, Netherland s, Denmark, UK, Germany, Spain, Israel etc. Product Applicatio n Structure parts for product 8171;é 71;NC parts , Automobile parts, Sports equipment, Communicat ion equipment. Production Equipment CNC milling machine, CNC turning machine 8171;é 71;NC turning and lathe... Production Process In addition to CNC machining production services&# 38171; 484;he surface treatments we can provide are: sandblasti ng, anodizing, blackening , PVD vacuum plating, water plating, stainless steel passivatio n, etc. Team Work We can provide you with high-quali ty products and actively respond to your inquiries. At the same time, our team members are omnipotent and have accumulate d profession al and rich experience in CNC operation, and will provide you with consultati on and feedback to meet your requiremen ts to the greatest extent. China CNC Precision Machining Parts factory website:ht tp://www.a coincncmac hining.com /
Qing122: http://www .jsdrillto ols.com/
Qing122: big 4x4 truck WHO WE ARE We have been engaged in the developmen t and design of high-perfo rmance trucks for 20 years, and have transforme d Dongfeng brand trucks into unique trucks made in China. At the same time, we also customize and develop brand-new high-quali ty products for customers. Yunlihong' s products are active in more than 50 countries and Yunlihong remains to be an owner-led company today. RECORD-BRE AKING INNOVATIVE NESS Over the past 20 years, Yunlihong has fully demonstrat ed the capabiliti es of every Yunlihong products: a strong push is constantly evolving.U nprecedent ed new products. More and more product capabiliti es, more and more innovation . Safer, greener, more personal, more capable. More and more exclusivit y. More and more records. OVER 30 YEARS OF EXPERTISE You can also rely on our traditiona l trucks. At Yunlihong, we have expanded our interests to business areas; Our technology team with over 30 years experience in vehicle R&D area uses their automotive expertise to take standard Dongfeng's vehicles to a customized level, which is our core product "RHOCT Series". On the basis of not changing the original power system of the vehicle, we focus on improving the performanc e of the vehicle to meet the needs of customers, creating exclusive high-perfo rmance products for each customer and bringing more benefits to them. COMMITMENT TO PERFORMANC E Passion for vehicles, commitment to performanc e, desire for perfection , pursuit of the highest level, and satisfacti on of aesthetic and functional sense have upgraded the vehicles with universal applicabil ity into Yunlihong unique and high-perfo rmance exclusive products, which is an artwork and also is client% 413;઩ 0; exclusive products. SENSE OF INDENTITY TO THE PIONEER We fully respect the pioneers and the original condition of every vehicle. All YUNLIHONG trucks will meet 100% consistenc y for later replacemen t parts. You will still be able to find original vehicle parts anywhere they can be purchased. All changes will also be clearly provided to the owner with the vehicle.Th is not only satisfies the same or even better durability as the original vehicle, but also provides a guarantee that the vehicle will be restored to its original condition. QUALITY-TH E FOUNDATION OF OUR CAREER It is not an empty talk, but the culture of our company . It also represents our unremittin g efforts to exceed goals and pursue excellence . To enable your business to generate more profits. We demand the utmost precision in the design, testing, measuremen t and production of every part and component. Quality control is always in place. Our technician s will contribute their skills and expertise whenever you need them, keeping your trucks safe on the road while increasing your profitabil ity. OUR CORE VALUES Our success is based on our core values - customer focus, respect for the individual , no waste, teamwork and integrity. These values reflect our progress toward a more sustainabl e future, the role we play in the ecosystem and the power we give to our products. These values will continue to define the way we operate as a company. CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS YUNLIHONG has developed a unique modular product promotion system after decades. It is an indispensa ble part of our flexibilit y program and the essence of our approach. We have a standard base framework for all capability enhancemen t directions , and present a rich combinatio n of solutions under the standard base framework. This allows us to have a uniform quality standard for all our vehicles, but with a colorful external form. big 4x4 truck website:ht tp://www.h bylh.com/
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